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RICS Home Survey Level 1 Report


A Home Condition Report survey to give buyers peace of mind

Level 1 (HomeBuyer) RICS Survey

The RICS Home Survey – Level 1 service includes:

• a physical inspection of the property (see The inspection below) and
• a report based on the inspection (see The report below).

The RICS HomeSurvey – Level 1 service aims to:

• describe the part or element in enough detail so that it can be properly
• provide a clear and concise expression of the surveyor’s professional
assessment of each part or element
• describe the condition of the part or element that justifies the surveyor’s
assessment and
• help you gain an objective view of the condition of the property.

Any extra services provided that are not covered by the terms and conditions of this service must be covered by a separate contract.

What type of property is a condition report (Level 1 Survey) for?

A Level 1 Survey, the RICS Home Condition Report is a basic survey that’s aimed at conventional properties and newer homes.

What does a home condition report include?

The RICS Level 1 survey is the most basic survey and provides a simple overview of the property’s condition.

It provides a summary of the property’s defects and the possible risks involved.

It doesn’t include a valuation or details on the repair work required.

How to read a RICS condition report (Level 1 Survey)?

Less detailed than a Level 2 (Homebuyer’s) Survey or a Level 3 (Building) Survey, your report will include ‘traffic light’ condition ratings for each of the key elements of the property, garage and outbuildings, clearly indicating those that appear normal, those that give cause for concern and those which will require urgent repair or alteration.

Your report won’t give a guide as to the perceived value of your property.

SWH Surveys Chartered Surveyors is the expert in residential home surveys – if you’d like to find out more about a Home Condition Report, please contact us and we’ll talk you through it.

  • A Home Condition Report will describe the condition of a residential property
  • Simple ‘traffic light’ ratings to identify the property condition and key elements
  • The lowest price residential property survey
  • Aimed at conventional properties and newer homes

If you’re buying a property, your first step should be to appoint a professional surveyor. You’ll want to be sure that the property you’re buying is in a good condition and that you won’t be subject to any unexpected substantial repairs or costs.

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