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Residential Valuation


Why do you need a valuation?

If you are a home buyer, there will be occasions when you require a valuation and not a survey. You may be confident about the condition of your new home, but if you are paying cash, or your mortgage lender has not provided a valuation, you might need reassurance that you are paying a reasonable price.

There are many reasons why people may need a valuation, including:
What do you get?
Need advice?
We are always happy to discuss your specific requirements, and a valuer would be pleased to speak with you directly without obligation about the service we offer. We are also happy to talk through the valuation once completed. Please note that a valuation is not a survey, but the valuer will highlight any major items noticed during the course of a brief inspection which might have a material effect on value.
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We also offer Bespoke Surveys & valuation Reports

One of our qualified Chartered Surveyors and Registered Valuers will be please to discuss your requirements and provide you with a fee quotation for any of the following:

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We are here to help you through the process as easily as possible. If you need any further advice, one of our qualified valuers would be happy to speak with you.