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A handy guide to our Homebuyers Survey and Valuation Report: why we need them, what they cost and what they mean for your property purchase.

This is a standard reporting format drawn up by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and is suitable for most types of property.

One in five homebuyers rely solely on a Mortgage Valuation Report, so it’s no surprise that many are hit with repair bills once they move in. Getting a survey can help avoid the stress and cost of making repairs further down the line.

A Homebuyers Survey and Valuation Report will help you find out if there are any structural problems, such as subsidence or damp, as well as any other unwelcome hidden issues inside and outside.


The general condition of the property.
Any significant factors likely to affect materially the value of the property.
The market value of the property.
The value for insurance purposes.
The information is provided in a simple and straightforward layout, easy to read and understand.


Make a reasoned and informed judgement on whether to proceed with the purchase or not.
Assess whether the property is a reasonable proposition for purchase at the agreed price.
Be clear what decisions and actions need to be taken before proceeding and should be undertaken before the exchange of contracts (after which you are committed to the purchase and can only withdraw subject to substantial financial penalty).


The cost of the report will depend on the size and type of property, its location and its value. Whilst costing more than the Mortgage Valuation report it is far more encompassing and gives the buyer the information needed to make the decision whether to proceed or not.

In percentage terms of the overall purchase price the cost of the survey is minimal and need only identify one minor defect and the cost of the report is recovered.

In the long term it could save you thousands of pounds.

A report based on a brief inspection to advise the Client (usually a lender) as to the open market value and possibly the suitability of the property for mortgage purposes. It’s purpose is to describe the property and highlight only obvious defects which affect the value — it does not provide a comprehensive report on the condition of the property and it should not be relied upon by purchasers.

We strongly recommend that you obtain either a Home Buyer Report or a Building Survey to give you a more detailed inspection of the property.

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