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A handy guide to our mortgage valuations: why we need them, what they cost and what they mean for your mortgage application.

A Mortgage Valuation Survey is the absolute basic level of survey that we offer through lenders. These surveys are commissioned by you, the customer but have been requested by your lender as part of your mortgage application.

Mortgage valuations can give you a rough idea of whether you are paying too much (or tool little!) for a property. However, as a type of property survey, it is very limited in scope – only likely to uncover obvious, visible defects as part of a brief inspection. It’s our job to report on the condition a property is in, what it might be worth and any potential issues the property might experience in the future.


In our opinion any survey carried out by a property surveyor should be considered essential. SWH Surveys Ltd have a specialised team of Surveyors and Valuers who have many years experience of Surveying and Valuing properties in the area, who are completely independent of any Estate Agency or Financial Lender and can offer completely independent impartial advice on the property you are looking to buy.

A report based on a brief inspection to advise the Client (usually a lender) as to the open market value and possibly the suitability of the property for mortgage purposes. It’s purpose is to describe the property and highlight only obvious defects which affect the value — it does not provide a comprehensive report on the condition of the property and it should not be relied upon by purchasers.


Age Approx year the property was built.
Chimney stacks Type, usually inspected externally from ground level.
Roofing including roof space The type of construction, underlay and cladding.
Main walls Type of cavity and ventilation.
Windows, external doors and joinery Details about the properties glazing and internal and external doors.

If you do receive a copy of the valuation report, please remember it is not a survey. It does not give any indication as to whether the property is worth what you are paying for it nor does it provide a list of any repairs that may be needed.

We strongly recommend that you obtain either a Home Buyer Report or a Building Survey to give you a more detailed inspection of the property.

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Below we present you with sample reports to show the information contained within the surveys we produce. Please click on the report you would like to view (opens up in new window).

Building Survey ReportHomebuyers ReportCondition Report
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