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Thermal Surveying is becoming more common as a diagnosis and fault finding tool. It has low impact, is non-intrusive and is reliably accurate.

SWH Surveys use the latest in Infra-Red Thermal camera technology. This is backed up the highest level of Thermal survey assessment training our qualified thermographer Andrew Steel has completed.


Thermal imaging is a method of improving visibility of objects in a dark environment by detecting the objects’ infrared radiation and creating an image based on that information. Thermal imaging, near-infrared illumination, low-light imaging and are the three most commonly used night vision technologies.

Our Thermal Surveys use the Infra-red spectrum to analyse and provide data for use in carrying out safety checks and identifying any potential problems in any property.


Early identification of problems lead to timely intervention and reduces costs.
Pictures produced provide easily understood reports.
Fast and accurant.
A detailed thermal imaging report will explain the precise areas where heat is escaping, such as the roof, the walls, and the windows.
Provide recommendations as to how a property can be made to be more energy efficient.
Cost savings; leaks, missing or slipped insulation, damp zones and thermal bridging, can all be detected without having to disrupt the property.

Ideal survey for quickly identifying cavity wall and loft insulation problems,cold bridges, damp and under floor heating pipe leaks.


Due to the individual nature of the Thermal Survey report it is not possible to give any guidance on costs as the fee will vary according to the size, value and location of the property and the extent of the report required.

We strongly recommend that you obtain either a Home Buyer Report or a Building Survey to give you a more detailed inspection of the property.

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