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RICS Home Survey Level 3 Report


Residential Building Survey

The most comprehensive report in the residential survey suite

If you’re buying a property that’s larger than average, old, significantly altered or constructed from non-conventional materials or techniques or if you’re planning to carry out major works, a Level 3 Building Survey is essential.

A Building Survey is the most comprehensive report in the residential survey suite and provides you with an in-depth analysis of the property’s construction, materials and condition. It also includes a detailed diagnosis and analysis of defects together with clear advice on repair and maintenance options. Read more about what a Building Survey entails, then get in touch with SWH Surveys to arrange an in-depth survey on your property.

A professional Building Survey to tell you all you need to know about your property

RICS Level 3 – Building Survey (also commonly referred to as a Structural Survey) will give you the most detail of all residential property surveys.

What is included in a building survey?

A Building Survey will provide a description of all visible defects and any potential problems that are caused by hidden flaws.

It will also provide an outline of repair options along with details of serious risks and potentially dangerous conditions such as:

  • subsidence
  • structural movement
  • woodworm
  • Japanese knotweed
  • dampness
  • drainage
  • insulation
  • potential legal issues
  • urgent defects

A Building Survey will also highlight what might happen if you don’t follow the recommended actions.

A Building Survey uses photographs to make it easy to understand the report’s findings. It doesn’t include a market valuation of your property as standard, but we can carry out a valuation as an additional service.

What type of property is RICS building survey for?

A level three survey is a good option for larger or older properties, especially if you are planning major works.

You should always appoint an expert when it comes to commissioning a Building Survey – talk to SWH Surveys to get the peace of mind you need for your next property purchase.

  • A detailed report in jargon-free English with photographs
  • Reveals the major and minor defects and recommendations for further investigation, repair and future maintenance
  • Recommended for properties over 100 years old, listed buildings, unusually built homes or buildings you intend to renovate
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